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Academy Models offers a vast selection of military model kits from the last century of warfare. WWII forced the world's finest engineers to create the machines that changed warfare as we know it, and Academy Models has provided the kits model makers love. These battleships, aircraft, and tanks shaped the world in ways no one could have imagined. Since then, nations and defense contractors haven't stopped in the endeavor to create finer vehicles in the struggle to protect and attack. Few things inspire Academy modelers more than military might. Academy Models also provides an array of educational models that allow modelers of all ages to immerse themselves in the creations of Leonardo Da Vinci and other innovative creations. Browse and select your Academy model today.

20% off
+F-111C Royal Australian Air Force
by Academy Models in 1:48 Scale
10% off
+F/A-18C "Chippy Ho! 2009"
by Academy Models in 1:72 Scale
10% off
+Messerschmitt Bf109T-2
by Academy Models in 1:48 Scale
+Jagdpanzer 38(t) Hetzer "Prague 1945"
by Academy Models in 1:35 Scale
+DaViinci Catapult
by Academy Models
+Fockewulf FW190A 6/8
by Academy Models in 1:72 Scale
10% off
+Messerschmitt Bf109G-6
by Academy Models in 1:72 Scale
+SU-26 Frogfoot
by Academy Models in 1:144 Scale
10% off
+Spad XIII WWI Fighter
by Academy Models in 1:72 Scale
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